Peta Optik


Fabless semiconductor designer for telecommunication applications that makes electronic and photonic chips for higher throughputs (100 times more) at lower power consumptions (100 times less).


The mission at PETAOPTIK is the creation of economic and technological value for its workers, partners, suppliers, clients, and society in general, around disruptive innovation in information technologies through the generation of new microelectronics leading to the generation of IP for enhanced edge computing applications and use cases using FWA TeraChip enabled links.


PETAOPTIK envisions a telecommunication industry revolution around 3 axes, 1. wireless optical links, 2. running on mobile network management architectures, 3. with satellite/earth infrastructures. The drivers for this are interactive Ultra-High-Definition XR applications.


  • 1. Applied innovation to technology and businesses driving wealth and creating quality jobs.
  • 2. Proactivity.
  • 3. The value chain is one team: Clients, suppliers, workers and partners are part of a team.
  • 4. Non-discrimination.
  • 5. Pushing boundaries of knowledge and transmitting it.
  • 6. Environmental sustainability.

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