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Peta Optik is a leading startup in innovation in optical telecommunications by the invention of 5G optical communications, technology that enables much faster and more energy-efficient telecommunications links than today. The market in which OSCM falls within has an expected value in 2025 of $17.7B and a CAGR of 15%.

Peta Optik is in search for financing to bring to TRL7 the first 5G optical communication prototype to show its supremacy over current technologies regarding energy per bit transmitted.

There is a big opportunity in 5G deployments. For a wide implementation of 5G technology, it is necessary to have optical fixed links that connect the 5G infrastructure at the highest possible speed with low energy and environmental costs. This is 5G optical communications. Another opportunity for 5G optical communications stems from sustainability policies. The energy required to send a bit in 5G optical communications is 14% of the energy required to transmit a bit with Gigabit Ethernet technology. Between 2% and 3% of the planet’s total energy consumption is due to telecommunications operators. 5G optical communications impact on sustainability is huge.

An international patent application has been filed to protect the systems and procedures to be used by the 5G optical communication emitters and receivers. This systems and procedures allow Peta Optik to exploit the benefits of the much higher channel capacity provided by 5G optical communications. The evaluation of the State of the Art Report carried out by the OEPM is excellent. The claim of patent rights is made globally and its ownership is Peta Optik.

Peta Optik S.L. It was established on 02/16/19 and the team behind it combines management capacity, experience in entrepreneurship projects, generation of industrial property, telecommunications and ICTs. This project is the result of a maturation process of almost two years to reduce technological risks in a process of dialogue with scientists and academics so that they incorporate as advisors or endorse the technology through reports as external experts. The business model is characteristic of «fabless» semiconductor companies. The team of scientific collaborators has international prestige and are members of the CSIC,TECNUM and IK4-CEIT R&D centers.

What we have achieved so far:

  • 5G optical communications technology is patent pending worldwide.
  • 5G optical communication channel capacity formula is very disruptive.
  • Expert’s written technical report validating 5G optical communication channel capacity formula.
  • Business plan around a semiconductor fabless business model.
  • Raising public funding for financing a validation project for prototyping and simulating the technology.

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